The Dead Life (2003/2004)

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In the seventh year
Something I started working on when I was writing a paper about snow monkeys for biological anthropology.  I don't like where it ends, so it's not complete.  But I wanted to post it to gauge what any one who reads this thought about it:

Title: In the Seventh Year
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James

In her seventh year, Lily Evans admitted to herself that her long held dislike for James Potter had already dissipated before the summer had even begun.Collapse )

An Agreeable Arrangement
Title: An Agreeable Arrangement
Characters/Pairings: Ed/Winry
Prompt: Ed/Winry- nerd love
Rating: K+

An Agreeable ArrangementCollapse )

places i want to live
or at least visit to check it out and see if I want to live there:

San Francisco (visit)
Sydney (visit)
Toronto (visit/ they have an incredibly low crime rate, and super cheap super cute apartments)
Somewhere-ville Massachusetts (visit)

This list is marginally shorter than I thought it might be.

Je veux un instant pour respirer.
mad winry
School is fail.


Haven't been able to write ANYTHING. And all I've been able to read is books about anthropology or the french language.


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Geek Pride
I'm kind of upset. I really wanted to do a fic for fma_fic_contest theme this week: "Growing up in Resembool." It was going to focus on Hohenheim finally being able to truly grow up in every sense of the word, while in Resembool with Trisha and their sons. I'm kind of upset I had other things to do. Maybe I'll work on it anyway and post it up later...

An Easy Smile
anguish, Kain
Title: An Easy Smile
Series: brotherhood/manga
Word Count: 247
Rating: PG
Characters: Kain Fuery, Mustang's team
Summary: Kain takes a moment to be grateful
Warnings: none
Author's Note: I always thought, with Fuery's constant adorableness, that maybe his life wasn't always sunshine, and that he actually had some dark history that is never mentioned.
Written for fma_fic_contest prompt 95 "Family"

Kain Fuery was hardly a childCollapse )

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Christine Bruce's Result: Vampire and Monster Hunters (Examples: Insatiable's Alaric Wulf and Supernatural's Sam and Dean Winchester)
on quiz: What kind of Paranormal Creature is Your Boyfriend?

Vampire and Monster Hunters are always on the road. You may
go on a date with one and never hear from him again for weeks, or years, or not
at all. This does not mean that he is just not that into you. In fact, Hunters
have very high standards. If a Hunter asks you out, it means he can trust you not
to reveal the existence of vampires and monsters to the general population. Hunters
have big responsibilities. But they also have a great sense of humor and like
to joke around. If you find yourself dating a Hunter, be prepared to spend many
nights alone while your boyfriend is off saving the world.

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Rebecca presents!
Here's the fic I wrote for fma_fic_contest  Cold challenge I didn't win, but I'm also not very proud of it in its current state.  I barely made the deadline for this one (literally, the time stamp gives me about 2 minutes before missing the deadline) but  considering the situation, I'm proud of it.  Let me rephrase- I'm proud of where it's going to go once I rework it.  Something I'm in the process of right now.
Without further ado  here's Lonely:

Titile:  Lonely
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Paring: Rebecca/Havoc, Riza/Mustang, a little bit of Breda
Word count: 629
Rebecca feels the cold bite of losing your best friend to marriage.  Until she's able to distract herself at the ceremony that is.
Author's note:
I'm currently working on editing this substantially and adding a bit more detail/plot to it

Lonely Collapse )


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